ViewPoint Helps Flagship Bring Mercedes-Benz Showroom to the Mall

ViewPoint's touchscreen experience in the North Shore Mall allows Flagship Motor Cars of Lynnfield to influence buying behavior before purchase decisions have been made.

The value of interactive kiosks for auto dealerships

When it comes to shopping for cars, customer kiosks are an effective and eye-catching way to improve on the customer experience. If you are an auto dealership without an interactive kiosk, we have one question for you: what are you waiting for?!

Auto dealerships can welcome new model years with kiosks

When a new model year comes along, kiosks can help auto dealers maximize their sales.

Auto dealerships can show their best side via kiosks

Car dealerships need elegant digital strategies to deliver information. Online, that means well-designed Web pages. In person, kiosks pick up the slack.

Auto brand information thrives through storytelling

Rich multimedia that tells a story is a boon to auto sales. Digital content, whether delivered through a website or an on-site kiosk, is a great boon to auto salespeople.

Auto sales today: Simplification needed

Consumers would be happier buying cars if the process were quicker. Tech integration can help.

Supporting option and accessory sales with interactive displays

Software and interactive touchscreens can do a great job of selling the various options available at auto dealerships. Selling a car means not only helping a customer decide on a base model, but also adding optional items that customize the vehicle to suit the buyer's needs. Selling these accessories is a major part of the sales professional's job, and these individuals need to know that the right business technology will be there to help them in this role.

Using kiosks in mall displays to improve visibility for an entire auto brand

If foot traffic to your auto sales showroom is drying up, it's time to market your vehicles in busy shopping areas with the use of interactive kiosks.

With auto showroom traffic down, here's how to make the most of those customers

Auto buyer behavior is changing, but there is still ample room to impress customers and make the sale. Dealing with trends in the market is all part of running an auto dealership. Of late, these patterns have heavily involved technology and the Internet, hardly surprising in a world that has become connected by countless online links.

Differentiating your dealership to create loyal customers

An interactive touchscreen kiosk can make a great business case for your dealership, one that will attract independent buyers who want to direct their own searches.