3 Valuable Takeaways from the 2017 Massachusetts Marketing Summit

Here are 3 things the top brands do to ensure success of their marketing campaigns.

Solving Trade Show Exhibitors' 2 Biggest Challenges

Here's a way to effectively showcase a large product line and capture every lead at your next trade show.

Beacons Deliver a More Personalized Customer Experience

Beacon technology is on the rise as businesses from retail to banking use them to deliver highly relevant messaging at just the right moment.

A Financial Argument for Interactive In-Store Touchscreen Experiences

Brick-and-mortar retailers are experiencing a seismic shift. Touch tech can help cut costs and enhance competitiveness in a gloomy retail environment.

Win Loyalty and Your Guests’ Dollars by Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

Boring digital signage and ill-performing touchscreen kiosks abound in Vegas. But not for long. ViewPoint's immersive experiences up the ante.

Deliver A Powerful Building Materials Sales Experience

Your customers don't want to make the wrong choice on key components so show them what their design ideas look like before they’re installed.

5 Ways ViewPoint Helps You Connect with Customers

ViewPoint's Contact feature lets customers opt in to your publications, request a sales call and email product specs directly from the kiosk, when your message is fresh in their minds.

Information Touch Displays: A Tale of Two Brand Identities

Auto dealers are local businesses and part of their community - but are also defined by their brand and ties to the manufacturers. Touch displays can be used to highlight both.

Banks embrace self-service digital displays

Banks across the country are embracing interactive digital displays. Interactive touchscreen displays are in the spotlight again; this time for projected growth and ease of use in the banking industry.

Touchscreens offer brand-to-customer engagement

With touchscreens now a widespread and well-understood technology, they can form a bridge between buyers and sellers. Brands want to ensure that customers feel close to and comfortable with the company. Loyalty is one of the most valuable commodities a business can secure, and engagement is the key to gaining it.